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CRUise is a network of academic and government-based research institutions as well as physicians and KOLs that collaborate to connect excellence in clinical research. CRUise brings together top-tier experience and knowledge of clinical trial centers and conduct from across the globe.


Enhance the global availability of high-quality clinical research centers, study sites and investigators by promoting and supporting the top-level services and proven capabilities of CRUise and its members. Through close and coordinated contact amongst its members, CRUise is enabled to connect teams and relevant stakeholders in clinical research.


CRUise members have the opportunity to make use of special expertise and capabilities of other CRUise members in the form of requested “services”. As a result, CRUise members can strengthen their own position and better contribute to the worldwide need for high-quality trial sites performing clinical studies, both academic and industry-sponsored. These services address key topics and activities that are of high relevance to the build-up and operations of clinical research in order to achieve global excellence and to expand capacity.


The rapid development of promising new therapies and demanding new regulatory requirements means that the world-wide demand for high-quality clinical trial centers has increased.


Clinical Research Unit In House Service Establishment (CRUise) is an initiative of ten global partners (core members) from Europe, Asia, Japan and the US. Its goal is to continuously improve global clinical research in line with evolving global standards, thereby increasing the number and capacity of high-quality clinical study sites.


To achieve this goal, CRUise fosters a mutual and active exchange of knowledge in this field. This exchange is not only between founding core members but also includes clinical research institutions that have become regular members or affiliated members of CRUise since foundation. All members of CRUise are able to make use of the network’s clinical research capabilities such as consultancy, training courses, workshops, online guidance documents and tools.

WHY be a part of the CRUise project?

  • Investigator initiated trials

  • A comprehensive solution for clinical trials:
    a. Medical writing (Protocols, informed consent…etc.)
    b. Collaboration with KOLs
    c. Institutional review board submission
    d. Data management
    e. Publication

  • Training and standardisation

  • Your center will be comprehensively trained and certified on GCP, ICH, and 21 CFR guidelines, which will interest international sponsors to your center, and subsequently Increase the number of studies conducted at the center.

  • Accessibility

  • Regulatory authority submission information for all the MEA countries will be available to expedite startup timelines.

  • Lead Clinical research in the region

  • As a center of excellence, your center will be one of the finest centers that will raise the bar in quality and deliverables in clinical trials

  • Networking

  • Sharing experiences, knowledge, and the best practice with our extensive online network and annual regional conference , that will also increase worldwide your visibility.

  • Awareness

  • Increase clinical trials and disease awareness of patients, facilitate communication between PIs and patients.

  • Infrastructure

  • SOPs writing assistance and workflows setting. As well as a network of Warehouses and laboratories established in the MEA region to facilitate clinical trials materials logistics to the centers participating in the trial.

  • International Conferences

  • Annual conference with significant financial research awards per therapeutic area.