What is a CRU?

• Clinical Research Unit (CRU) aims to lead, promote, initiate and coordinate research culture, activities and to support the development of research within the institution by providing a skilled well research trained staff.


• The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is to increase the clinical research capability at the institution so that the investigators can develop high quality research programs and enhance existing ones.


• To support training about health services research, help other researchers and encourage the development of clinical trials and to increase public understanding of the role of clinical trials and other types of health research.


• The CRU will provide core resources and consultation to investigators in the areas of study design and implementation, project coordination, database design and management, bio-statistical analysis and grants management.

Why Have a CRU?

• Improve research quality

• Improve Institution reputation

• Financial benefit

• Increase IIT

• Attract CROs/Pharmaceuticals/KOLs

• Align all current institution practice within international and ethical guidelines